We are the Jones Family!


We are currently full time travelers and our motivation is to spend more time as a family and give our kids an experience they will never forget. 

We use our social media platform as a way to document our own story in hopes that others who have the same interest will be inspired to pursue their dreams. In no way are we selling a life of travel, we are just asking people to take a chance at living the life they want and not what others expect of them.

Thanks for joining our expanding family and we hope you will tag along for our journey. 

Recent Blogs

  • 4 things I hated about Key West, FL.
    Traveling to Key West was quite the adventure. It was a two way highway after passing through Key Largo and several bridges. The view of the water was beautiful and exciting to see as we got closer to Key West. As a newbie who's never been and lived there for three months – I want … Read more
  • Don’t let a language barrier set you back.
    Traveling the world is an adventure within itself. Not only are you exposed to a variety of people and culture, but also language. We forget that outside of the U.S there are countries that primarily speak other languages outside of English. That in itself can be a major culture shock. Not being able to communicate … Read more
  • 5 ways to cope with anxiety while on the road
    Redesigning your life can be long a process and not really a fun one. It's the breaking down of the depiction you have of yourself to slowly rebuild the true version of you. We previously defined ourselves through our jobs, our cars, our house, and all of our accomplishments. We had a false sense of … Read more

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With the aim of helping as many people as possible, we aim to be authentic and resourceful. Please contact us for more info.

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