Who are we?

    “What we fear doing most is usually what we most need to do.”–   Tim Ferris

20180425_144222                                                        ~Birthplace of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.~
We are the Jones Family and we love the outdoors as well as the water. We began our journey traveling in a 42 foot RV and made our way South from Dallas, GA to Key West, FL where we lived for three months full time in a RV.  We are currently full time travelers and our motivation is to spend more time as a family and give our kids an experience they will never forget.
During our travels in the states, we were inspired to travel to South America. We chose Medellin, Colombia as our home for the next few years. Watch our latest Youtube videos for the transition process and our cozy apartment.
We use our social media platform as a way to document our own story in hopes that others who have the same interest will be inspired to pursue their dreams. In no way are we selling a life of travel, we are just asking people to take a chance at living the life they want and not what others expect of them.
Thanks for joining our expanding family and we hope you will tag along for our journey.
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Get to know us…



I’m a former Marine who worked as a helicopter crew chief/door gunner. I work hard and believe life is too short to settle. I don’t have expectations right now for traveling other than I want to experience the fullness of life with the people I love.

I enjoy working with technology and day trading when I get a chance I also like to go scuba diving.  Life is way too short not to live it and enjoy yourself.

When I was working as a Network Engineer I realized I was only spending 17% of my time with the kids because of a crazy work schedule and always being on call.  After talking to my wife trying to get me to move into a tiny house, we made a compromise and ended up getting a fifth wheel. Now, we are living life in South America and it couldn’t be better.

I like applying technology to just about any and everything I can get my hands on.  Sometimes it works out great and sometimes not.



I love to spend time with my family. I’m really excited for this journey and love to travel. I’ve always been a go getter and a hard worker.

I used to dream of having a family and being the best mom I could ever be. Now I’m living the life of my dreams. I believe I’m walking in my purpose which is  a nurturer, counselor, and teacher to not only my immediate family, but my sisters and brother as well as my friends.

I love to express my thoughts and vision via writing, constructing clothing, making hair care products, etc. I love to see projects come to life. I majored in project management and have a bachelor’s degree. I’ve worked for one of the best companies out there and gained experienced with working on contracts, proposals, and some managing.

My next journey in life is to learn more about who I am and the talents I have through traveling. Taking this time to work on being my best self is the greatest luxury I could ever ask for.

LAUREN ” little sister”


I love to play with my brother and love to wear skirts just about everyday, my favorite food is macaroni and cheese. I pretend I’m shy around strangers, but at home I’m loud and sassy. My favorite toy is barbies and favorite snack is M&M’s. I referred to our travel home as the “bus house”. Now, I’m currently learning to speak Spanish and have new friends. One day I want to be a doctor hence the picture you see above because I love to help people.

“If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine, its lethal.” – Unknown

PHILLIP “big brother”


I love to write stories and draw characters. I’m very shy and don’t like all of the attention on me. My favorite food is chocolate and I don’t get much of it because my mom is always concerned about my teeth! I’m in the first grade and attend a Spanish school here in Columbia with my sister. One day I want to be a teacher or maybe not. My favorite thing to do currently is to play with my sister and learn new Spanish words.

DENISE “big sister”


My name is Denise and I love to read and have an obsession for animals. I’m into drawing and reading. I’m living with my my mom in Florida to finish High School. After High School I want to join the military. I am very smart and love anime.