3 ways to distract yourself while the world turns upside down.

There is no way you can live in the world today and not be impacted by the constant changes and uproar going on with people. From the riots, protests, fear of getting COVID, bored children at home, loss of a job, etc. We are in all state of uncertainty and transition and for some of us, we aren’t doing so well through the shift. So how do you keep your head above water and learn to breathe through the uncertainty and stress? Here are four ways you cope while the world turns upside down.

Plan a DIY project from start to finish.

To keep yourself busy write down an achievable DIY project you can handle alone or with a family member. Make sure the project isn’t too expensive and not too long as you may not feel motivated to finish. Start small to experience a sense of accomplishment so that it is enough for you to want to start the next project. If you want to see an example of this check out our DIY project watch our Youtube Channel, in our last video my husband and I built a wall shelf from scratch with no prior experience.

Read a book about a topic you want to expand your knowledge on.

Currently, I’m reading about neurolinguistic programming. It is the perfect topic to read while in quarantine at home because it teaches you to train your mind and the impact of your thoughts. We all can experience anxiety from time to time and have racing thoughts about the current times during the quarantine. For example, the questions you make be asking yourself are, are we going to experience another wave? Am I going to come out of this horrific time? Should I go to the beach or park? It is a never-ending worry and doubt that can put unnecessary stress on your life. Read to keep your worry down and learn something in return.

Eat more fruits and veggies and drink more water during the Quarantine.

I know this one can be confusing as it may very difficult to eat healthy right now. Especially for those who use eating as a way to cope through stress. When you feel better, you make better decisions. You have a clear head and make a better judgment about the world around you. Along with eating healthy, exercising well minimize those endorphins. To keep up with us, check out our Instagram page on our latest updates.

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