Not all those who wander are lost.


Don’t let people make you feel bad for leaving a city or country and moving on to the next. If you’re anything like me you decided to wander the world because you were already sick of the boredom and endless monotony of going to work and home day in and day out. I get tired of people interjecting their meaningless opinions on what they think you should do because they are fearful of doing anything that seems too risky for their own lives. We are travelers not settlers. We make our own way, we don’t live from the opinions of others rather good or bad.

As you travel, you will meet lots of people simply because we don’t live in this world alone. There are humans everywhere. Some people may be from where you are, but decided to stay for whatever reason and because you’re living their at the same time for an extended amount of time they think you are there permanently too. That is the assumption that you don’t have control over. You don’t have to explain yourself to every person on your journey that you are passing through. It is up to you if you choose to do so, but it is not your responsibility to make other people you meet comfortable. I’ve noticed in my travels that when you tell people you’re nomadic they become confused because they can’t seem to put you in a box or category. They ask questions like, “where will you kids go to school, the children need stability, what do you do, you need a homestead”, and so on. All of those fears are theirs not yours. So don’t fold on the fears of other people.

My best advice if you’re nomadic is to live free with no regrets. There are people like you who don’t quite fit in and that’s ok. There are people who don’t fit into a routine, society, corporate job, and so on who move around and they are not lost. They aren’t irresponsible or reckless. They aren’t running from the law or their responsibilities. They can’t be tied down to a click or religious organization. They are nomadic and happy. End of story, so get to know us and appreciate us because you don’t have to compete with people like us, we are rare.

2 thoughts on “Not all those who wander are lost.

  1. Linda Rose March 13, 2020 / 3:37 pm

    Well said!!!


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