How we maintain a life of travel

So do you wonder what do they do all day? Would you get tired of seeing the sunset, visiting beaches, or museums every day? Well folks we do a lot more than just act like tourist. We actually get settled in and try to adapt or emerge into the culture of wherever we are. Everyone travels differently and there is a such thing as a “travel style”. Although so far we’ve only been through parts of Georgia and Florida the traveling style we’ve adopted for our family is a slow one. Would you like to know how and what our plans are for maintaining this type of lifestyle for years to come? I thought you would never ask I’ll share a bit of our journey thus far.

When we started of course we had savings. We were strategic in figuring out how much money we needed to survive. We even sought out a financial advisor for assistance. However the timing of when we should make a major jump was the hurdle. I’m not going to lie we debated over this for a while. To be honest if I wasn’t the first to quit my job we would probably still be working living in our house trying to save up because it would’ve never been enough to go on the road. I went purely off faith and my gut to take the leap and I knew deep inside we would be ok. I don’t recommend this for everyone, but what I do suggest is if you’re unhappy look in to why and how you can make small or big adjustments to change your life.

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So was I right? How are we doing now since we’ve been on the road for three months? Well drum roll ladies and gentlemen, are you ready for the drama? The news is we are doing just fine and there is no drama. I don’t know what the future holds, but we are making it. Of course there are things we need to consider that keeps us a float for example, we grocery shop and cook 80% of the time at home. Food is the highest expense for a family of four on the road. We also partake in free activities as well as paid activities. Free activities may be a bike ride, but the back drop is worth a million dollars can’t beat that or swimming at the community pool or signing up the children for a free nearby summer camp.

So now I know you’re wondering when I’m going to talk about the money. How can we afford this lifestyle at such at young age. Well I refuse for this blog entry to be extremely long so you will have to follow us to get the tea. What I will share is we  used our house as a source of income rather than selling it to generate money every month. We also have other skills and hobbies that gives us a title I guess of a “digital nomad”, I don’t like using this title so much because it is trendy and we aren’t trendy folks. We are however smart and learned that spending ten hours working for a company when we can make close to the same money doing what we want and adding travel gives us freedom. It is possible to work online and travel. Stay tuned folks I have more to share on how you too if interested can live a life of freedom exploring new places and generating income at the same time.

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