Getting out of my comfort zone.

So far on this journey I’ve left my wallet and my money on our truck and drove off, flipped over in a canoe, accidentally cracked our RV door, went running and got lost, and drove my car into a ditch. No, it was not all in a day. Any person would hear all of this in it’s totality and wonder why the hell am I choosing to live this lifestyle. It’s understandable, but I call it living. Getting out of my comfort zone and taking more risks has allowed me to learn at a much fatser pace. All of the incidents we’re definitely not sought out they just happened along the way and I appreciate each and every one of them. Each one has allowed me to grow just a little bit more.

I touched on a few of the incidents in my previous blog entries. I haven’t shared how I went running and got lost on finding my way back. I try to work out at least two to three times weekly. It was a beautiful day to go jogging so I took the dog along with me to get some ‘me’ time in. I decided to go with a route I was unfamiliar with in hopes that I would get a different scene and I most definitely did by the way. I passed some beautiful horses eating grass as I jogged along listening to my workout playlist on Pandora. As I ran, I found another trail that was a running trail and figured I would take this path since I could count the mileage of my run.


During my runs I like to go over my affirmations it really gets me energized and pumped for the day so you can imagine I was on a natural high. I took a turn down a road that also looked very unfamiliar to me and thought I’ll try this out too. Once I got down the road I realized that it was more of a highway, but I kept running thinking I would get to the end of the road and see a familiar place. The familiar place never came and I decided to grab my phone and look up where I was on the map. The map said I was an hour away from where I started. I began to panic a bit because at that point I was exhausted and already running for an hour with a dog (this is the part where you can laugh). I knew that if I continued I would have to run for another hour to get back where I started which would be two hours of running. I called my husband in a panic to come and get me, but he or I wasn’t much help because I didn’t know where I was.

In that moment I felt I was at a crossroad. I could either keeping moving in the direction I was currently going in or turn around and retrace my steps. I decided to retrace my steps and it worked out. Life is beautiful in the sense that something as simple as running can be an impactful message. It’s ok to get lost in the moment as long as you find your way back. I wasn’t looking to get lost that day I just wanted to run, take advantage of the moment, see new things and have a good workout. I was able to accomplish all those things and make a mistake that turned into a lesson. So I ask when was the last time you did something that you loved allowing yourself to embrace a mistake and appreciate it as a lesson? I’m far from perfect and don’t pretend to be. I just want to be my most authentic self while appreciating everyday embracing the lessons from my wins and losses.


One thought on “Getting out of my comfort zone.

  1. Jacqueline Weaver April 24, 2018 / 3:13 am

    Next time take some bread crumbs with you lol


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