Miracles happen everyday.

Miracles happen everyday sometimes we see them and sometimes we don’t. Today was an exciting day partially because we were able to go to the beach, see the ocean and that I was able to spend time with my family. More especially I felt as though I experienced a miracle because I believe an angel was looking over us today and part of it I just can’t explain.

I couldn’t get in my husband’s car as I came out of the bank today to handle some business while we were in Florida with the children site seeing. I decided to come out of the bank with the children because they were a little restless from sitting  and waiting for us to finish up. I had a very large amount of money in a briefcase along with my wallet that I sat on top of the bed cover of the truck as I waited for my husband to unlock the car. Once he unlocked the truck I picked up the children to put them in their car seats and I also walked our dog that was in the car with the windows partially open. We all then got back in the truck and drove off without a worry in the world.

“Everything in the Universe is interconnected. Within each it is reflected.”


We drove thirty minutes to an area called Gulf Breeze to visit Fort Pickens. We started our wonderful trip as we went over a beautiful bridge overseeing the water. We drove on the highway for what seemed to be an extended amount of time before we got to the other side of town. We were feeling hungry so we decided to stop by a sandwich shop to get a bite to eat as a last minute decision. I then decided I needed to login into the banking app on my phone to look at a few things while I was waiting for my husband to get back to the truck. Suddenly an overwhelming rush of fear overcame my body. It was at that moment I noticed I didn’t have my wallet and then I remembered the cash was sitting on top of the covered bed of the truck as well. In a panic I reluctantly got out of the truck in fear of the fact that I possibly just cost my family money we could not afford to lose. I then walked to the back of the truck as my heart fell into my stomach.

Miraculously, as if it were the will of God the cash was still there leaving me with a glimmer of hope. No lie, I couldn’t believe it! I grabbed the fairly small briefcase and held it close to my chest thinking that it wasn’t real. I then quickly hopped back in the truck as my husband was still inside getting our food. Oh crap, the thought that my wallet which I placed on top of the briefcase was gone entered my mind and I realized my drivers license, my credit cards, and military ID was in my wallet. I quickly came to the realization in that moment that I would never see my wallet again. Ten minutes after that horrible realization my cell phone rang with a number based out of New Jersey of all places. There was a woman on the other end stating that her friend in Florida found my wallet in a parking lot and I needed to call her. I frantically called the number the woman I just talked to gave me.


There was a woman that helped me, she was my angel. She took her time to tell me what she found in the wallet and that she wasn’t too far away to bring it to me. She ensured that I received it and said she would have wanted someone to do the same for her if she was in the situation. In this short time of traveling I realized that there are still good people in this world. At times we get so caught up in the bad things we hear and see people do to others, but I genuinely believe there are still people with genuinely good spirits out there. This woman didn’t have to help me and she could’ve just as easily kept going after she saw the contents all over the parking lot from my wallet. Of course, the twenty dollars I had in my wallet was gone when the woman found it, but everything else was still there. I’m beyond grateful for the good deed of this person and I will pay it forward by doing something in return for a random stranger because that is what living a good life is about.

As I continue on this journey I will continue to keep my heart open to this and other experiences. I also want to learn and see the world I’m yearning for. I want to believe that there are still people out there who will do a good deed for someone else without expecting something in return. With this experience I hope to help someone else and inspire hope in others. I’m forever grateful for the miracles I can and can’t see.

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