Don’t mistake your growing pains as a reason to give up.

I have watched several Youtube channels where the hosts experienced  mini break downs from leaving their lives behind for a life of travel.

I would think how silly that was and if I had the opportunity to travel the world there is no way I would be upset over leaving my things, my job, my family, etc. I now know what those folks were experiencing through the process of saying goodbye and entering the unknown for a life of travel. I refer to this process now as ‘travel growing pains’. I want to travel and I’m extremely excited about the lifestyle, but it hurts a bit that I’m leaving the life I’m comfortable with to live another that I’m not as familiar with. It’s a bizarre experience to be happy and sad at the same time.


I believe it is completely normal to experience growing pains and feel excited about a new life.

It would almost be unnatural to not have a bit of fear and pity for yourself that you are going to a unfamiliar place. Although the other side of your decision is unknown, there is an excitement that is generated from taking a leap of faith. Whether the decision is worth it or not will be up to how the experience is perceived after a person has made the decision to change their life. However, any decision to have a fuller life is worth it in my opinion – it is worth the fear, the growing pains, the excitement, etc.

Don’t mistake your growing pains as a reason to not go through with the discomfort of taking the next step. You really can’t have one without the other. You must endure the mental battle of wanting to be comfortable and move up a level in your journey. If you want results – you need to take risks. Of course, assess your risks and have alternative courses of action in place, but don’t look for a reason to quit.  I’ve had many reasons throughout my experience, but I will keep moving towards the life I want which is a life of travel with my family where I can learn and work on the road.

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